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Досуг, отдых

The Company takes an active part in corporate Sport Competition “Health”. This Competition has been carried out employees of Condensate Group of Companies since 1999. The Competition is carried out in 9 kinds of sport.Single badminton, chess, skiing relay, draughts,Table tennis, volleyball, badminton - doubles,Indoor-soccer, beach volleyball.

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“Mechta” (“Dream”) camping site is situated in Uralsk suburb on the beautiful bank of the Ural river and the Teploye lake. It is a recreation area of Condensate Group of Companies employees. Here everything was made for the employees’ recreation: gym, sport grounds, comfortable summerhouses. At the bank of the Ural pleasure boat and boats for lake rows wait you. Beaches for children and adults. Aqua amusements and many other things. Annually on the last Saturday of June Condensate Corporate party is carried out in “Mechta” (“Dream”) camping site. This party is attended by all enterprises of Condensate Group of Companies and their guests.

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