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Summarizing results of fifty years of activity of Uralskneftegazgeologiya we ask question: what did this enterprise bring to region, to state and to people?     

50  years ago Kazakh SSR Government made decision on foundation of Uralskoilgasexploration trust in Uralsk city on base of existing geological survey entities. Main task of this trust was search of oil and gas fields in the territory of Uralsk oblast.    

This trust consisted of the following: Uralsk Oil survey, Ural-Emba research expedition, Ural-Volga oil survey, Aralsor oil survey, Motor pool and Worker’s Supply Department.   

In that time this task was very difficult: small knowledge, absence of geological personnel who would know works region well.  But the trust team consisted of young and purposeful persons who were enthusiasts of their activity. Their purpose was discovery of oil and gas fields in our oblast.  Beginning from the first days the trust team established a reputation of enterprise which was able to solve big problems in oil and gas fields’ survey.   And it is not for nothing in 1962 this team was given job to drill the first ultradeep Aralsor well SG-1. That time this well was a unique. The originators of the work were: Dmitriyev L.A. – Trust Manager, Khakhayev B.N. – Chief Engineer, Tarnavskiy A.P. - Chief of technical engineering department, Kan Yu.K. – Chief Geologist.  

In the sixties the small oil fields Chingiz, Bolganmola, Beket and gas fileds Karagay, Auketaichagyl and Port-Arthur were discovered. Since 1970 main volume of geological exploration work has been in pre-salt complex of deposits of Northern near edge zone of Caspian Lowland.   And in 1973 it was larger success: gas condensate flow was received at West- Teplovskaya 5 well.  This discovery proved that Uralsk well-trained school of geologists appeared and this school was confident in correctness of the chosen strategy of survey work.  This was confirmed by discovery of hydrocarbon deposits of Teplovsko-Tokarevskaya group: East- Gremyachinskoye, Teplovskoye, Tsyganovskoye, Tokarevskoye and Ulyanovskoye.  At the same time works were carried out in other promising directions where the geologists were confident in presence of hydrocarbon deposits.  And in 1979 their confidence was proved by strong gas condensate flow during Karachaganak #10 well test by formation tester set.   So the largest world Karachaganak oil and gas filed was opened. This field is unique both with its structure and with its deposits.  When Karachaganak field was opened the enterprise working conditions were changed very much. It was necessary   to carry out practically full relocation of whole drilling equipment, to found back-up in Aksai again, to master mounting and maintenance of new Romanian drilling equipment. Due to change of depths, depths deeping up to 5000 m and other geological conditions it was necessary to develop and to implement new drilling technology on a tight timetable.  Main thing was to receive reliable geological information as soon as possible because field exploitation was practically begun. To perform this task it was required solidary team of persons holding the same views. That time Kamalov S.M. performed this task. Kamalov with his faith in team and with insistence created team which was able to perform all these tasks. It should be noted that as a result of survey work for rather short period of time with 48 wells of 4800-5900 m depth were performed.  In 1988 Reserves Assessment report was successfully defended in the USSR National Reserves Committee with excellent mark. At the same time when Karachaganak works   had being completed survey works began at other areas. These works were marked with discovery of such fields as Kamenskoye in 1985 and Chinarevskoye in 1991.   For detailed survey of geological structure ultradeep Dolinskaya SG-1 well was successfully drilled with 7006 m depth. .It became possible due to  implementing of advanced drilling technology, well drilling with turbodrills in combination with PDC bits at 4000 m depth and more, using of  cleaning solution on base of magnesium hydrogel, design of operating procedure for each well with regard for geological structure and projected depth, using of lightweight cement mixtures to cement well.   In these achievements it was the main that own school of geologists and drilling technicians has been founded for that period of time.  For these years professionals and high class personnel appeared such as Bakhtiyarov R.B., Gainanov S.B., Sumkin N.N., Fomin N.D., Blinov Yu. P., Lechshev P.Ye., Stashkov V.A., Prusakov S.V., Ivanov Yu.A., Ikhsanov F.Kh. Almost whole company team was utterly devoted to he Company.  It was revealed very much in that period when geological sector disappeared and government financing stopped. That time we did not know what the future might hold for each of us.    Without any confusion we began to look for new ways of development of the enterprise in new economic conditions. We did not try to sale our equipment but we tried to keep it and to find any work to survive. That time it was necessary solidarity and faith in correctness of the chosen strategy.  I would like thank Blinov Yu.P., Klimenko N.A., Sumkin N.N., Sivashov R.R., Ikhsanov F.H., Nauruzov Zh.I., Khakhayev M.N. and many other persons for their understanding and support of chosen strategy of development of our JSC in that period of time. In 1995 the first well test contract was concluded with Stepnoy Leopard SP.  It was no secret that west partners of joint enterprises distrusted us and did not consider our achievements.   Therefore we had to improve our competence and our ability to fulfill high quality work. And we did it.  

Entry to Condensate Group of Companies gave us assurance in our advancement because we were not solitary and felt support in our tendency to gain market. In 1998 the first drilling contract was signed with Zhaikmunai LLP.  Till present we continue this cooperation at Chinarev field.

Summarizing results of fifty years of activity of our enterprise it is pleasant for us to realize that due to hydrocarbon deposits opened by us our region became one of the largest oil and gas regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  

With all my heart I would like to congratulate Veterans and team of UNGG JSC on its Anniversary. Wishing you health, wellbeing and new successes in your work. Dear colleagues, wishing you happiness!

Chairman of the Board of
Uralskneftegazgeologiya JSC
Yermakov N.
(to 50-years anniversary of the company)